Let’s become partners & Collaborators!


Sailing Network of Santorini

Let’s Become Partners in Tourism

Hello Friend! Thank you for coming all the way here!  

We’re delighted to get to know you and start a partnership that lasts many good years, Our team is more than happy to get in touch with you for the common goal of providing your guests a unique experience full of fun and adventurous moments but also relaxing and refreshed with aegean air and the famous greek cuisine flavors. Looking forward to hearing from you!  ❤ 

Let’s Become Partners for the local needs 

Santorini other than a magnificent place on earth is also a community with people and their own needs. The people and especially the professionals of an island should all put an effort for the better of their homes. A Community of people with same interest in the Marine Life of Santorini can make great changes to a place like this, Join us today!