How much does a sailing tour cost in Santorini? 


If you're coming to Santorini for the first time and looking for some fun activities to do, You might find yourself wondering, How much does a sailing tour cost in Santorini? Well, The cost of a Santorini sailing tour can vary depending on different circumstances.

Sailing Tour Cost & Prices

The cost of a sailing tour in Santorini is between 95 euros – 135 euros depending on the season, the type of excursion and any special offer you might come across.

For example, you might notice that early year bookings sometimes offer up to 15% discount, this is the special offer. On the other hand, Special offers you can find on very high demand occasions such as the yearly firework show of the volcano which happens mid September or on days such as the 15th of August that are known to be very very busy.

On the other hand, You might choose to have a special menu request while on a shared / semi-private santorini sailing day cruise or like many others, Choose to book a private sailing tour, Which can cost between 950 – 1600 euros depending on the cruise!

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Of course it all depends on your preferences, These are just the most popular sailing tours to choose from while in Santorini, Send us an email with your request or navigate through the tours page to choose the best catamaran tour in Santorini and learn all about how much does a sailing tour cost in Santorini!