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Choose between the best Santorini boat tours & Book your Catamaran Santorini Sailing Cruise. With Just a few easy clicks you can secure your spot on board of the top Santorini Sailing Cruises!

€135 / Per Person / per day

5 Hour Day Semi-Private Cruise 10:30AM – 3:30PM – Max 15 Passengers on board. On a Luxurious Catamaran Lagoon Sailing Yacht. Join a Cata

€1200 / 6 People - Every Extra cost is 100 euros. / per day

5 Hour Day Private Sailing Cruise 10:30AM – 3:30PM – Max 17 Passengers on board. On a Luxurious Catamaran Lagoon Sailing Yacht.

€135 / Per Person / per day

5 Hour Sunset Semi-Private Cruise 3:30PM – 8:30PM – Max 15 Passengers on board. A Sunset Advenure awaits for you! Join us on a sunset ca

€2,400 /6 People - Every Extra 100 euros cost / per day

10 Hours Full Day Sunset Private Cruise 10:30AM – 8:30PM – Max 17 Passengers on board. On a Luxurious Catamaran Lagoon Sailing Yacht. B

€1200 / 6 People - Every Extra cost is 100 euros. / per day

5 Hour Sunset Private Cruise 3:30PM – 8:30PM – Max 17 Passengers on board. On a Luxurious Catamaran Lagoon Sailing Yacht. Exper

€1400 / 8 People - Every Extra cost is 100 euros. / per day

5 Hour Santorini Yacht Proposal – Private Catamaran Sailing Yacht – Sunset & Morning Options! With our Exclusive partnersh

Santorini Sailing
Best Santorini Boat Tours

Ready for your Catamaran Sailing Tour?

Santorini Sailing Cruise that combines Aegean Cuisine on a carefully crafted catamaran cruise itinerary of the highlights of the most popular island in Greece!
Compared to other companies, Sirigos Sailing Catamaran Tours in Santorini is a family company of locals who are excited to share their love and knowledge of Santorini with other families and groups from all over the world!

Santorini Catamaran Day Trip

We appreciate and feel honored for each guest on board that chose us for their Catamaran Cruise in Santorini. Here are a few reasons why you should pick us too!

  • Santorini Sailing Cruises:  SUNSET Caldera Cruises & DAY Sailing Cruises –   Explore the beauty of Santorini through carefully selected Santorini sailing cruises, Boat tours for every occasion ensuring a memorable and unique experience.
  •  Private Santorini Boat Tour: Experience the epitome of privacy with personalized Santorini sailing cruises, perfect for romantic getaways or family bonding.
  •  Santorni Sunset Cruise: Set Sail with Santorini’s best yachting company! Our commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart, offering a personalized and unforgettable sunset Santorini sailing Tour each time!.
  • Boat Tours: See the top 10 most popular Santorini Boat Tours and choose the one that’s best for you and your loved ones!

Come On Board

Santorini Sailing Cruise, Join along a catamaran sailing cruise in Santorini with us, where excellence meets every aspect of your adventure. Our carefully selected routes unveil the beauty of Santorini, taking you to iconic spots like the rejuvenating hot springs, the majestic volcano, and the captivating Red Beach.

Passenger Capacity

For Private Sailing Cruises we can host up to 17 people on board of the Lagoon Catamaran. The Boat itself is 44.65 ft (13.61 m) long with plenty of space to relax with a cocktail in hand and the greek delicacies we'll prepare for you on board! There are shaded areas as there are areas for sunbathing on all sides of the Lagoon Catamaran Sailing cruise in Santorini.

Passengers on Board

Maximum Number of Passengers aboard the Semi-Private / Shared Santorini luxury sailing catamaran cruise is 15 people. The Yacht has a much bigger protocol, Total of 20 but we like to keep our tours comfortable fo everyone, Hence instead of having maximum number of passengers onboard we limit it to 12 for the shared sailing tours in santorini.

Sail on a Catamaran

Sail in style aboard our luxury catamarans, designed for both comfort and safety. As you cruise the blue waters of Santorini, our routes weave through the mesmerizing caldera, offering stunning views of the volcanic landscape and the picturesque coastline, showcasing the hidden gems of the old Strongyli or as we call it today "THIRA".

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Santorini Sailing Cruises
Santorini Sailing Cruises

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Santorini Sailing Packages

Choose from exclusive sailing packages in Santorini tailored to various preferences, promising an extraordinary Santorini sailing cruise. Click here and choose the tour that suits you best!

Santorini Sailing Reviews

We work hard to satisfy all our guests on board and to share our love for Santorini, Greece and the sea with our guests, We’re proud to showcase our reviews which speak for themselves!

Santorini Boat Tours by locals

As locals, We know the waters of Santorini better than anyone else, Join a Santorini Boat Tour and have the time of your life aboard the luxury lagoon catamaran!

Our Proffesional Catamaran Crew


Here are the most important members of Sirigos Sailing & Yachts Family. Having the right partners makes a world of difference when it comes to professionalism and quality service, Each one of our Santorini Sailing Cruises is perfect thanks to the family of Sirigos Sailing.

Cap. Nikolas

First Captain

Sailor Alex



The Secret Cook at Home ❤

Sailing Cruise Packages offered by Sirigos Sailing

Santorini Sailing Tours

The most popular catamaran cruise packages for Santorini Island! Choose the one that represents your desires the most. We're always open for requests and special occasions!

Family & Party Santorini Sailing Private Cruise

/ up to 6 People / €100 For every extra person

Get ready for a blast on your private Santorini sailing cruise! Splash in blue waters, dance on the deck, and savor tasty treats. The ultimate adventure is calling 

Escape on a chic Santorini sailing tour! Cruise in style, dive into refreshing waters, and savor the good times. Your private getaway awaits – book the fun now!

Santorini Full Day private Catamaran Cruise

/up to 8 people / €100 For every extra person

Spend a day on a luxury catamaran yacht visiting the highlights of the magnificent Santorini Island.

Party on board, Visit Other islands and share fun memories with loved ones aboard the Santorini Sailing Cruise.

Special Menu based on Greek cuisine & local famous selected wines. 

Santorini Sailing Cruise Highlights

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Santorini Sailing Cruises

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    Our Previous Friends

    Santorini Sailing Reviews

    Best thing to do in Santorini!

    Really friendly service and we loved exploring the island! Felt well taken care of and made some great memories. Bring lots of sunscreen!

    MIKI S / Happy Sailing Cruise Passenger

    The best sailing tour

    The best sailing tour on the beautiful island of santorini, with the most kind and warm crew! Get on board and enjoy the ride!

    Gabriela Mesquita / Happy Sailing Cruise Passenger

    Amazing sunset catamaran cruise

    Amazing sunset catamaran cruise! Everyone was overwhelming us from the first minute we got in the vessel. Smooth ride to all the iconic beaches across the island, unfortunately too cold to go swimming 😬I definitely highly recommend it and next time I will visit the island I will have the day cruise as well …

    Serafim Trahanis / The happiest of Sailing Tours Passenger

    Santorini Sailing Cruise Exprience

    I just had the most incredible boat tour experience in Santorini! From the moment we set sail, the views were absolutely breathtaking. The crew was so attentive, ensuring every moment was filled with comfort and enjoyment. We explored hidden coves, swam in the crystal-clear waters, and witnessed a mesmerizing sunset against the backdrop of the island's iconic cliffs. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I'll cherish forever. If you're in Santorini, don't miss out on this unforgettable adventure!

    Constantinos Darzentas / Happy Sailing Tours Passenger

    Amazing Santorini Sailing Tour!

    Absolutely unforgettable experience sailing around Santorini! The crew was incredibly knowledgeable and made us feel like VIPs from start to finish. The views were breathtaking, the food was divine, and every moment on board felt like a dream. Can't recommend this tour enough – a must-do for anyone visiting Santorini! ⛵🌊🌞

    MIS MOS / Happy Sailing Tours Passenger

    Santorini Proposals

    The best team on the island for your special day. Secure your proposal date & let the rest to us!


    Weddings in Style

    Get Married aboard the luxury catamaran yacht & Celebrate in style. Start Planning Today!


    Bachelor Parties

    Gather your loved ones and let's have the party of a lifetime! We're ready whenever you are!


    Honeymoon Couples

    We'll take you on a fairy tale sailing cruise in Santorini and make the atmosphere you desire!



    We are a family that originate from Santorini Greece, The sea has always been our home even though as humans we tend to live on land most of our life, For us it's different. The sea is a passion that you need to experience to be able to appreciate and that what we like to do, Share the passion of Sailing the blue waters of Santorini Island with as many new friends as we can in hope to help people realize how beautiful life is and intensify the feeling of vacation we all love so much!

    Experience of Santorini Waters
    Passion for the sea
    Grateful to have you on board!
    Sailing Network of Santorini

    Let's Become Partners

    Sailing in Santorini Partners! Let's become Sailing in Santorini Partners and Collaborators, Together we can do more..